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  • 16 augustus 2018
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Welcome to the API Store forum. The first version of the KPN API Store is live and waiting for you. So is our forum!


APIs have proven to play an important role in developing new propositions for consumer and business to business markets. With the KPN API Store, KPN provides developers, innovators and product owners access to building blocks to develop and enrich their own propositions.

The API Marketplace

The KPN API Store offers a diverse and secured range of APIs for both consumer and business purposes, starting with APIs from KPN, Nexmo, and Kandy. As the platform grows, you will be able to find more APIs and partners. Once registered users can immediately explore and test our ready to use APIs before integrating them into their existing services. You can see our first APIs and API partners in our Marketplace. If you would like to read more about APIs and why it helps improving digital services, check the blog What is an API and why use it?

How-to's and FAQ

To get started and build your first API call, you can consult the getting started page or consult our FAQs.

We are keen on feedback and put co-creation at the center of our developments. Don’t hesitate to post your questions here and our team will be glad to help! 🙂

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I'm also interested in Marketplace development, and here is my last article about that. Hope you would like it!
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Looking good Unna : ) ! Let's stay in touch.


It’s 2020, and we are all aware of the existence of eCommerce marketplaces. Platforms like Amazon, eBay have shown us how eCommerce platforms can earn a huge amount of success and revenue. 

Hello! Im also interested in developing marketplace. I have done couple of surveys and I think that one of the most important thing is creating a reliable team. It should contain of CTO for startups, software developers, project manager ( at least 1) and QA engineer. That’s the necessary minimum I guess. Hiring them can be quite frustrating, but when you get it done – you will definitely succeed more easily

Take care of API management to integrate your numerous APIs into one system that works properly and smoothly. The market is full of solutions, from small tools to large platforms