internet keeps dropping intermittently

  • 5 December 2022
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I started by KPN subscription on 21 October 2022 at Broerenstraat Arnhem. 

Initially, my internet was working perfectly. After approximately 1 month, my internet started dropping and returning intermittently. I tried all solutions I could find in other forum posts (reset the modem, hard reset the modem, switch off the modem for a while, etc.) but the problem continues to persist. 

I was out on holiday for a month so believing that the problem was temporary, I did not raise a complaint. I returned yesterday only to find that the problem persists. 

Could someone help and point out what would be the right way to go about correcting this?





Beste antwoord door Wesley 5 December 2022, 10:52

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Good morning @Smarjeet Sharma 

Welcome on the KPN Business Forum.

Im sorry to read about the connection problems you are facing.
I'd like to help you investigate the internet problems you are having currently.


Can you please provide me with you customer id (klantnummer) and postal code and house number, by sending me a Private message.

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A ticket has been created and you will be contacted to solve the connection problems😊

Thank you, Wesley! :)