No internet across the Dutch border

  • 27 October 2022
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Hi there,

I've travelled to Belgium yesterday, and as soon as I crossed the border I had no internet.

Roaming was on, network connections were fine, but nowhere in Belgium did I manage to get internet on my phone. My colleagues with the same sim card (which is specifically for calling & using internet in Europe) had internet.


How can I fix this?

3 reacties

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HI @RvonBelow, welcome at the Business KPN Forum.

Did you also use the phone configuration as described in the topic tips voor een beter bereik in het buitenland?

Or did you follow the steps in the device configurator?

If you tried both but still it doesn't work, you can fill in your client number in your forum profile and let me know here. Then I will check for you what I can see from my end here.

Hi @Matthew,

I’ve tried both and they were correctly configured. My number is in the profile. Would be great to get a quick answer as I’ll be crossing the German border within an hour an really need internet.. 




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Hi Rhoda, 


I've checked it for you but I see that your number is part of a Large Enterprise subscription. For me it is not possible to see or manage these kinds of subscriptions. I can advise you to contact your company administrator to report te issue. They have a designated contact person inside KPN who can look into this issue further.