KPN phone line not working

  • 18 December 2018
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Since a few days we have no phone connection at the office and I am not sure who/how to solve the issue - hopefully I can get some advice.
One of our phone lines was hijacked some time ago by the company GarantieBellen/Belcentrale. We tried to bring it back to KPN, but as seemed to be very complicated and involving high costs we are still at Belcentrale. The problem is that that phone line is now dead and I do not know who has to repair it. Belcentrale sent a technician which checked the situation. He mentioned that the problem is somewhere outside the building and he announced KPN to solve the issue (as the line belongs to KPN). This was last Friday, but as nothing happened I reminded them - they (sseemingly) reminded KPN that this is urgent, but I don;t know if this is true and if KPN can/will solve this issue.

I can mention that I am also trying again since a couple of weeks to bring the number back to KPN (discussed a few times on the phone and I'm waiting for a technician to come on site for checking the possibilities for KPN EEN).

Many thanks in advance!

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Hi Sorin, welcome to the KPN Zakelijk Forum.

Good to read you are looking to come back to KPN!

I cannot be of service to you for this matter as long as the number belongs to another provider.
It is possible they have requested our assistance to solve this issue. But it is still their responsibility to keep you updated on the progress. Since that information is not accessible for me.

I hope it will be solved quickly!