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  • 29 March 2015
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Dear Sir or Madame,

sorry for writing you in English, but my Dutch isn't good enough for writing (I can read and understand quite well).

3rd time within 2 years my ISDN telephone line is just dead. Happend 5 days ago. Internet is still working, so it's either the NT1 or the splitter. ISDN device is operated without a "centraale", and I've tried 2 of them - with same result.

Last time it was the NT1, and the technician replaced it by a used 2-port NT1 (1 port working, one port broken). The "line ok" light is currently on (green). The 230V light is not on, so I guess it's serviced over the line, since there is no cable going to a 230V wall outlet.

I need your assistance.

Besides that I don't need/want ISDN any more, so after fixing my problem I either will switch to a different supplier (like cable) or to a different contract with KPN. As a software developer I need better internet bandwidth and a reliable telephone.

Kind regards,


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Dear Thomas,

I can send an engineer to fix the ISDN problem. I also understand you're thinking about changing your subscription. If you don't need ISDN anymore, VoIP is a better alternative. If you want a working telephone line on short term, we need to create a trouble ticket for you. Can you send me a https:///t5/notes/privatenotespage/tab/compose/note-to-user-id/227" target="_blank with your zipcode, housenumber and mobile phone number?

It's not always possible for us to deliver faster internet, this depends on your location. On http://www.kpn.com/prive/tv-internet-bellen/service/internetsnelheid/tips.htm" target="_blank it's possible to check the maximum achievable internet speed over our copper network. If you're interested in an upgrade and if it's available, please let me know. 😃
Hi Tim,

thanks a lot for your reply. After posting on the forum, I've had a short chat with a supporter, who measured the line ok. So I guess the NT1 is working, and it only can be the splitter (which dies at least once per year). I was informed that I'd have to pay for a technician, so I'll first get myself a new splitter.

The "Maximaal haalbare internetsnelheid" for my location is shown as 9 Mbit/s (my Router receives a max of 9,57 Mit/s downstream). This would be sufficient, if it would be kind of stable - which it isn't. Nowadays a lot of people are doing strange things on the internet, like watching TV channels, eating up all the bandwidth for decent use. Performance was ok until about a year ago - and then it started to get very unstable.

I'm kind of afraid that moving to VoIp would further reduce my bandwidth, since there must be a QOS for voice services.

I will get back to this thread if a new splitter can't fix my problem.

Thanks again,


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Hello Thomas,

The Quality of Services (QOS) for VoIP doesn't use much bandwidth. I don't know the exact number but i believe it's only 64Kbps or 128Kbps. In fact, the ISDN carrier is probably eating more bandwidth then VoIP is doing.

It's a good idea to try with another DSL splitter, make sure you'll get the ISDN type!

Please let me know if it did the trick, otherwise I would like to help you.