403 responses from things api

  • 13 April 2023
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I am following the Things API documentation and the Postman collection

When I try to use the  token received from Grip I get 403's on all the Things Api endpoints . I have sent my (sandbox) tenant id by email. Maybe I have missed a step

My user info on the token includes the following

"scopes": [
"roles": [


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Hey @dan,

Welcome to the IoT Community! 
When I saw the topic, I immediately called in the help of our specialists. They indicate that they have contacted you by email and are looking for a solution. I'm not going to get into this any further. I'm curious what the solution is, so would you like to send a message when it's solved?

Winston directed me to two issues:

  1. The Postman collection I have includes the header “x-client-id”  . At the bottom of , it’s specified and I shouldn’t be using it.
    But I wonder whether 403 is the correct error in this case (I don’t have sub-customers; i was putting my own client id in there)
  2. The version of the collection I have is out of date for some calls. If you are an internal KPN developer, you should go to the live swagger-UI site.