LoRa: Added two devices but get no traffic

  • 17 March 2021
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I got two BroWAN Object Locator sensors here that were activated and work OK with my own GW. (TTN Internal GW with Aurel GP external antenna).

I entered them like “Own LoRa device (preset connectivity)” with working DevEUI, AppEUI and AppKey from TTN portal.

I still don’t see any traffic in KPN portal however. My own GW does show traffic from these devices.

What am I doing wrong? Location is Amsterdam/Duivendrecht.


Beste antwoord door Tim_E 10 April 2021, 11:29

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Hi @Tim_E ,

Welcome to the IoT Community! 
I've looked up your account and as far as I can see everything looks good. One of the specialists also checked it and we see that the devices are connected. The strange thing is that there is no data in de Data History and also no Join request. 

So we want to ask you to delete the devices and create them again. And to be sure, follow the instructions on the Connect a LoRa device page. 

The Lora Devices page also gives possible solutions when this issue comes back. 

Hi @Rick S. , this what I did today:

  • disconnecting the device from TTN
  • removing it from KPN
  • forcing device to join - I see repeated join attempts on my gateway, no reply since not configured anywhere
  • adding it to KPN 
  • waiting...
  • nothing happens in KPN, no data, though network status ACTIVE
  • re-added to TTN, works again

What am I doing wrong?

The device in question:

The devices are said to support LoRaWAN 1.0.3, which matches what your pages say 1.0.x


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Hi Tim, 

To be honest, I don't know what you are doing wrong or why even the Join messages are not arriving in the Portal. I asked my colleagues to help with this and check if they can find the issue here. I will come back right away when we know wat is going wrong. Excuses us for the delay!

hi Rick, still curious if there are any updates from your colleagues.

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Hi Tim. 

Thanks for your patience! 

I have received feedback from one of the specialists. My colleague suspects, because it works on the TTN network, that there is not enough coverage for the KPN network at this location. It is possible that the Join request is sent on a low SF so that it does not arrive at a KPN Gateway. For our network it is best to send the Join request on SF12.

We are also curious if you have tried the following tips.:


TTN is my own gateway.

The location is Amsterdam/Duivendrecht, do you have coverage there? 

(The whole idea of my project was relying on KPN LoRa network with country-wide coverage)..

If not, is there a place around Amsterdam where you do have good coverage?


Also I don’t know how to force device to send join request on SF12, it has no API for that.

If I reset it, the join request is sent on SF7 and it is always is able to join.

Also regarding your pitch::


Ready to scale up your IoT solution with KPN Things?

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Please send an e-mail to to explore the possibilities we currently have to help you realise your IoT solution.

The KPN Things Portal team


Send you a mail like a week ago, no reply yet… 

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Hi Tim, 

The coverage in the area Amsterdam/Duivendrecht is good, So that should not be the problem. 
In addition, I honestly don't know how to configure this device so it can sent the Join Request on SF12. Maybe you can check this with the supportdesk of Browan?

Futhermore, I have asked my colleagues to check what happened with your mail to I understand that your mail was sent to one of our accountmanagers. We are nog trying to reach the accountmanager to ask when you can expect a reply. Our apologies that it takes so long! 

Hi  @Rick S. , today I took two fresh devices, not bound to any network ever.

E8E1E10001060AD7 E8E1E10001013640
E8E1E10001060A56 E8E1E10001013640


Configured in my Things Portal, tried to activate - nothing happens. 

Can your technical team maybe check for me, if the signals are picked up by KPN base stations in/around Duivendrecht, and if yes, what is the reason the devices aren’t activated?

Many thanks in advance!

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Hi Tim, 

Thanks for your message! 
It's good to read that you used two new and fresh devices now. I am going to check this with my colleagues again to see what is going wrong. I expect to have more info in the beginning of next week.


Thanks for your patience. Have a nice weekend! 

Update, just looked at the devices and they seem to have joined now. 

Not sure what happened, it took quite some hours from activation to actual join.

But I can go further with my project, thanks @Rick S. !

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Hi Tim, 

We're not available here on the weekends. So I saw your message today. 
Great to hear that the devices have joined now. I can see the messages in the LoRa Data History now. I have only one question left for you. Is it correct that you created the devices in the Portal in the afternoon and that the Join Request was sent later?

@Rick S.  the devices were added and  activated at the same time.

It didn’t pick up until next day, that’s the reason I complained here.

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Hi Tim, 

Thanks for the clarification! 

The only thing I don't fully understand is why the Join Request appeared in the Portal late at night. But the most important thing is of course that you have now succeeded and that you can continue with the project.