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Welcome to the KPN Things Forum!

  • 4 November 2019
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Welcome to the KPN Things Forum!
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Welcome to the KPN Things forum! If you are new to KPN Things this is where you can find peers and KPN experts. Learn everything you need to build your own IoT solution!

Internet of Things by KPN is called KPN Things. The Things Portal is where you build and manage your IoT solution. Create a free Things account if you don't have one yet. 

You can post your questions here on the forum to get an answer to your questions or learn by reading posts by other users. You'll need to register for the forum first. Customers with acces to MijnKPN Zakelijk may use the Service Portal to create a ticket.

We also offer extensive documentation about using the Things Portal, including a guide to get started. In case you do not have a Device, read more about different Device examples you can acquire and how to configure them. You can also learn more about using SIM cards in IoT (called M2M) and the working of the LoRa network


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