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  • 5 November 2018
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Please be so kind to inform me how long it will take before a new device will be active/visual within the prortal. I have added the device 15-20 min ago. Do I need to wait for a few more minutes or will it take a few hours? Thank you for the time/feedback. With kind regards - Jan-Willem

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Hi @721-LoRa ,

When you create a new device with OTAA the device will be active/visual as soon as the OTAA Join Request is processed. Usually, this is the next working day at the latest. At this moment I think I see your device with the status 'Pending Activation'.

I also take a look in your Developer Portal account and I see two devices with the same DevEUI (the device that is now pending and a device with the exact same DEvEUI with status 'Error'). I've deleted the device with the status 'Error' so this device doesn't effect the device you've made today!