ApplicationServer does not receive messages

  • 29 December 2016
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I created my own Web service to consume the payload of our lora devices. I thing my setup in the thingpark devicemanager are correct. The application server is setup with the route of my implemented post action, but the url is not beeing called.
It is an https connection and if I call it via Postman, it works fine.

Is there a way to see what is wrong? Is there a logging mechanisme I can use to trace the rootcause.

Kind regards,

Wilbert Janssen

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Maybe obvious but:

Does your domain name resolve from an external machine? You could use wireshark to see if there is any traffic to TCP port 433.
Goedemorgen KPN,

First of all, I am still newbie with KPN, therefore I apologize if my questions are too simple for this forum. I have been doing some research and setting up my Lora end device to connect with KPN developer portal and further send the data into an application server.

Connection between End Device - KPN portal is working fine. I can see the received packets in the debugger and check payload information.

Connection KPN portal - application server. Packets are not being received. I am using a web hosting service to save the received data into a database. We already install the SLL certificate in order to fulfill KPN requirements.

I have test the "Test uplink" option provided by KPN Developer portal and the data is correctly stored in the Database. I have also tried via Postman and the information it is also perfectly stored in the database.

Any idea about what is happening?
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Hello Jone,

It may be a problem with the SLL certificate. Can you please sent me your DevEUI and mobiel phone number in a private message? We want to help you find out what's going wrong!
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Since it's system is working correctly with the test messages I estimate the chances for a SSL certificate issue really small.

Maybe it has something to do with the test message being different than the actual live messages. See this post in dutch for a example of a live message: link
Goedemorgen to both of you,

I have already checked this post before and it is not solving the problem. I know live messages and test messages have different structure. The thing is that, I have prepared my code in order to add null strings to database in case that we are not able to get values from Payload.

When using test messages or simulating live messages with PostMan application, they all add a query into the database, in the first case null based query and in the second case with real values. When plugin the end device into the KPN network, there is no query, no null values nor nothing. I think the problem is that KPN network is not reaching the web server properly.

Is there anything i can do to test if the server is reaching ok? Is KPN doing something different when sending test messages or live messages?

Hope we can fix the problem before the network is down in 1st of February.

Kind regards,