Certificering van Devices

  • 12 August 2016
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This post has become obsolete as it was incorporated in the Certification and requirements of LoRaWAN devices topic.
To insure that KPN can offer a good and stable network, every LoRa device must be certified to be allowed on the network. The certification can be executed by several official test service providers of the LoRa Alliance. More about the certification can be found at site of the LoRa Alliance.

In order to enable development KPN allows small volumes of uncertified devices (less than 256). This is only allowed in development projects that have a goal of certification in the long term.

In short:
  • To connect new types of devices on the KPN LoRa Network, a proof of certification is needed.
  • When devices or modules are used that are certified themselves, no extra certification is needed as long as no changes are made to the devices of modules that could impact certification.
  • Whenever the implementation of the LoRaWAN protocol on certified devices or modules are changed, a new certification will be needed.

Please note that on top of certification, we also have a list of required and advised best practices in this topic.

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