Connecting to the KPN Cloud Infrastructure

  • 5 February 2019
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I searched through the forums related to "Dragino" and I didn't really see anything that was helpful. So basically here is what I did:

I followed this tutorial https://www.dragino.com/downloads/downloads/UserManual/LG01_LoRa_Gateway_User_Manual.pdf in specifically chapter 9, to setup a node using Arduino which collects data (temperature & humidity) and afterwards using Dragino's gateway send the data to https://thingspeak.com/ using the curl command since the gateway is running a Linux system. All of this works fine, because my data is visible in the dashboard and is continuously updating!

The code for Gateway is this one: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/dragino/Arduino-Profile-Examples/master/libraries/Dragino/examples/IoTServer/ThingSpeak/LG01_ThingSpeak_RESTful_Single_Data/LG01_ThingSpeak_RESTful_Single_Data.ino

The code for Arduino is this one:

So the infrastructure from my home network is fine and works as expected as I can see it in the live dashboard, now comes the big questions:
  • How do I hook up my infrastructure on KPN's network so that my system can have access to the internet while not home? (I presume it's a matter of having a bought account to join the network of KPN, but how and where?)
  • I have a developer (https://loradeveloper.mendixcloud.com) account and I can see what I presume fake devices that you can test by sending POST requests to your server, which I also received correctly on my private server, but I don't see how this developer portal is helping me in connecting to my real actual device that I have.
  • What do I need (step by step) in order to if connected to KPN's network send the data to KPN's Cloud? (I read about that you need to reroute it in the developer's portal)
  • If I have to buy keys (from what I read) how do I then get my keys working with my Gateway?? so that I can connect to KPN's Cloud?
Any light on my problem would be amazing.

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Hi @alexander1234 ,

First, i want to start with telling you that you can not connect your own Gateway on our network. We use only our own Gateways.

Below, the answers to your questions:

  • How many devices do you want to use in total?
  • The Developer Portal is ment to test your own devices (no fake devices) on our network. With an Developer Portal account we provide 10 keys to test your devices.
  • In the documentation in de Developer Portal ( 'Setting up your Application Server') you'll find step by step how to connect with your Application Server
  • The keys that you can buy are not ment for your Gateway, these keys are used to connect your devices to our network