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  • 21 August 2018
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I have a sensor network running on the TheThingsNetwork. The data gets transfered to our application server. The system is operational and works good.

I'm now testing the KPN Lora Network, implemented the keys and device address of one ot teh sensors and create a gateway to our application server. So far so good. The moment i send data from the sensor a json-packet is received at our application server.

My problem is that the payload data is not present in the json construct. In the TheThingsNetwork there is decoder option available to process the data that comes from the sensor. I'm missing this functionality on the KPN network.

The sensor-setup we created is a Pro Mini with RFM95W and BME280 sensor.

The data received looks like

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The message you included is the location message. There should be another message preceding it, with DevEUI_uplink in stead of DevEUI_location. This message will a.o. contain the field "payload_hex" with your payload expressed as a hexadecimal string.
Hallo tonb,

If i turn off the geolocation i'm getting the right data.


But if i turn the geolocation on again this information disappears. Is this information send as one package? The application server listens to all information that is send to it.
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The uplink and location messages are two separate POSTs to your application server. I suspect you must look for the problem in your application server.

You could try generating a POST endpoint using https://webhook.site and temporarily using that in the KPN portal (as a replacement of your application server URL), then you can see the raw messages coming in in real-time.
Hello TonB,

Problem solved,

Our application server works like a charm and picked up all the messages. Because it wasn't clear what the KPN server is sending i got side tracked. The tool https://webhook,site is a nice tool that makes things clear. Thx for the help.