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  • 18 July 2019
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Hello there,

I just registered a device on thingpark and mendix but unfortunately I'm not seeing any payload coming in, could you please have a look if everything is okay on my device labeled "gps3"?

Many thanks


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Hi @quelo ,

Welcome to the IoT Community!
I've checked this device with the specialists and there are 2 problems that we see.

  1. We see this alarm notification: 'A wrong MIC has been detected in a Join Request'
  2. The number of messages doet not comply with the duty cycle. The counter currently stands at 114 messages pe
You can find more info about the duty cycle in the topic Uplink and Downlink Messages and the Duty Cycle
Hi Rick,

Appkey and duty cycle should be ok now, could you please check again?

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Hi @quelo ,

Thanks for the quick action!

Is it correct that you now created this device with the descriptive name 'gps4'?

This device is now activated 😁

This DevEUI is now used by two different devices. Do you want me that delete the device with descriptive name 'gps3'?
HI Rick,

thx for the swift reply, you can delete any registered device other than the one just activated, gps4.

Many thanks.

weird, gps3 with the wrong appkey gets activated, instead of gps4