• 22 March 2017
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Currently I am testing a LoRa device with a RN2483.
It is possible to send messages to KPN via LoRa, but I do not always receive an acknowledgement message?
I also don't receive all the downlink messages from the application portal.
How is this possible? is this normal? Can I improve it?

I really appreciate any help.

Beste antwoord door Jeroen10 11 May 2017, 08:50

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Hi @Jeroen10, sorry I've missed your topic here. :(
Be sure you receive enough signal, what is your avarage spreading factor? Can you see the messages in de debugger within the Application Portal?

Since more than a week has passed, have you noticed improvement?
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For downlinks there is never a spreading factor shown on the Dev Portal. For uplinks it's always SF7 or SF8.
For the acknowledgement of uplinks the message always shows up in the debugger, but I don't always receive an acknowledgement. Acknowledgements never show up in the debugger.
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The spreading factor should be strong enough. So strange the acknowledgements do show up in the debugger but aren't always received.

Receiving and sending always start with a proper antenna design and coverage. Please convince and test your application gradually in a place in which you know you have coverage on a good (low) SF.
When testing look around and familiar yourselves with the surrounding, a window can be a window, but could also be coated on the outside. When possible also test the solution on an alternative location.

KPN uses besides the channels used for uplink an additional RX2 channel on 869.525 MHz for downlinks.
Messages are always send on SF12 and the used module should be aware of these.

For microchip the user would need to configure the below: mac set rx2 0 869525000

If you won't get better results, we may have to look deeper.
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To give an answer to my own question.

The main problem was the firmware of my LoRa Device (RN2483) which was: RN2483 0.9.5 Mar 24 2015 14:15:33. This firmware is more than 2 years old and known to have some problems especially with OTAA.
Now after the update to v1.0.1 it works a lot better. Now I receive all the downlink messages I send. I still don't receive acknowledgements for the uplink messages. But when I use OTAA I do receive ack-messages. As long as I use my device with OTAA my problem is solved.
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Thanks Jeroen for sharing this in the community! 😃