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  • 7 June 2018
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Where can I find an overview of all KPN LoRa gateways and their locations? I used a test licence for my research on the accuracy of passive positioning using LoRa. It would be very nice if I could include a map with all relevant gateways around my test locations in my paper.

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Hello @Ghostbird, welcome to our LoRa forum! 😀

You can find a coverage map on our website. It's not possible yet to see the exact location of the LoRa gateways, but this map maybe gives you a better view.
Thanks Tim,

Unfortunately this is not useful for my research. I'd have to know exact locations to calculate a curve showing the distances of the gateways and the chance that a message is received at that distance, for varying LoRa configurations.

If possible, could you (privately) provide me with the locations of the gateways with these IDs?
['FF0100CE', 'FF010122', 'FF0101BF', 'FF0105BD', 'FF010243', 'FF0106EF', 'FF0100C7', 'FF0103EF', 'FF0101C6', 'FF0102C9', 'FF010B42', 'FF0106D7', 'FF010EAF', 'FF0107D7', 'FF0105EF', 'FF010257', 'FF010B82', 'FF010314', 'FF0106D4', 'FF0103D5', 'FF01058A', 'FF0101E0', 'FF010189', 'FF0105EB', 'FF0102B9', 'FF01013F', 'FF0102C1', 'FF01043C', 'FF010F06', 'FF010B52', 'FF010568', 'FF0105C1', 'FF01053D', 'FF01008A', 'FF010144', 'FF010535', 'FF010082', 'FF010E59', 'FF0104B0', 'FF0107E2', 'FF0104D8']
I've managed to extract the locations of some of those gateways from my data, the remaining gateways that I still need the locations of are:
['FF01043C', 'FF0102C1', 'FF010314', 'FF010568', 'FF010189', 'FF01053D', 'FF0107D7', 'FF0105EF', 'FF0107E2', 'FF0101C6', 'FF0103EF', 'FF010B82', 'FF0105EB', 'FF010E59', 'FF01013F', 'FF01008A', 'FF010F06', 'FF0101E0', 'FF010257', 'FF0104B0', 'FF0104D8', 'FF010082', 'FF010144', 'FF0105C1', 'FF0102B9', 'FF0106D4', 'FF0103D5', 'FF010EAF', 'FF010535']
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Hi @Ghostbird, very good you've found the locations by your own!

Unfortunately I cannot help you to get the locations of our gateways. This is information not intended to be shared and we don't have plans to do so. For the KPN LoRa network if there is no coverage on a certain location, we can investigate the issue. Our goal is to offer complete outdoor coverage in the whole country.