KPN Thingpark AS connection to datacake

  • 4 February 2022
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Dear Support team,

 I try to set up an AS connection to Datacake.

Datacake is an IoT platform, and they have a setting for KPN specifically.



 So, I have set up an AS in Thingpark, using the suggested destination:


However, no data is received within the Datacake platform.

I think this has to do with the Uplink security setting.

at KPN this is mandatory to set up, so I have created an AS ID and Tunnel interface authentication key.


However, Within Datacake there is no possibility to enter this key, they say it’s not needed.


this is from their tech support:

This key you need to enter on the Security Configuration has nothing to do with Datacake. It's a Tunnel Interface Authentication Key and we are not requiring this. Can you please ask KPN or Actility what this is and why it is requested. We do have both KPN and Actility Customers on Datacake but we haven't yet seen the need of putting in such a key.

The API Key you create on Datacake is only for our API usage and here is something else. So I would say only their support can manage it.


hope you can help me out.






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Hi @Miggy, welcome to the forum.

We have a special topic about our Application Server SSl certificates and authentication tokens Also provided is an online tool for generating an LRC AS-Key.

Good luck!