LoRa Geolocation DevEUI_Location message

  • 19 June 2017
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When geolocation is activated for a device, every DevEUI_uplink ( message has some additional properties as described in this topic:
The location included in a message is the location from the previous send message because to calculate the location for the current message before sending it to the applicationserver would take to much time.

To get the current location as soon as it is calculated there is another message called DevEUI_location ( This message should be send as soon as the location is calculated. But so far I have never received this message. Is it possible to receive this message when testing on the developer portal?

Beste antwoord door Tim 23 June 2017, 10:53

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Hello @Jeroen10, this is a very good question! Unfortunately, the message type DevEUI_location doesn't work for the developer portal. The use of geolocation has been limited. From the developer portal. It's not posible to test with the message type DevEUI_location. To use this feature, we need to create and use a regular Thingpark account.
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Ok Thanks Tim for the clear answer. I will keep testing with the dev_eui uplink messages 😉