lora geolocation doesn't always arrive

  • 4 December 2021
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I’ve just activated 30 devices on Lora and turned on the flow with geolocation data. I received this information for just 13 devices, and then just once or twice. For one (lucky) device, I received over 28 geolocation messages. All devices sent out more than 1 message each hour themselves.

In my previous experience, one or two devices activated, the geo-info arrived always, just before the device-payload.

What is the reason behind this uneven behaviour? Is a single gateway limiting the amount of geo-messages it sends? 

My main gateway is a SIM-operated KPN Lora gateway, does this matter? 

Is there some rate-limiting algorithm for sending out geo-data? How is it balanced across devices?


Joost Helberg


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Hi @kpnthings,

Welcome back!
I have discussed the questions with a colleague and we need to look at the devices a little more specifically. A Geolocation is calculated when 3 or 4 Gateways are reached. If that is not the case, no location can be sent. In order to investigate this further, we would like to receive data from a number of devices. Can you send us the DevEUI of the device from which you received the 28 geolocation messages? And do you also want to send the DevEUI of, for example, 2 devices where you do not receive geolocation?


Thanks for replying. Good to know that 3 gateways are needed. We’ve got one KPN SIM-based one since last week, as the coverage inside the building is bad. I thought I read somewhere that one gateway is good as well, some of the radiuses (10km) indicate poor accuracy, which is fine of course. Maybe we need to enter the gps-coordinates into the SIM gateway for this to work better?

Of 30 devices, the following received one or more geoinfo messages

0059ac00001b1094:   2 
0059ac00001b1095:   61 
0059ac00001b1097:    20
0059ac00001b109f:     3 
0059ac00001b10a3:    55 
0059ac00001b10aa:    1 
0059ac00001b10ab:     1

The others didn’t, some of these are:


1095 and 10a3 travelled a bit, so I guess these matched more than two gateways. The others are probably out is sight for many gateways, other than the one we just hired,


thanks again for replying.



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Hi Joost, 

Thanks for the devices details!
I am going to check this with the specialists. I have one additional question: If I understand correctly, these devices are all used indoors, right?


most are indoor, close to a SIM-operated KPN gateway. Does this gateway need GEO-info?

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Hi Joost, 

I asked the specialists to further investigate the geolocation of these devices. At the moment there are only some high priority matters, so it will take a little longer before we have an answer. We apologize for the inconvenience!

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Hi Joost, 

Here I am again! 
I just spoke to one of the specialists and they told me that they see that your gateway has no location (just like you mentioned before). Can you add the  gps-coordinates to the Gateway? 

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Good afternoon Joost,

I have received feedback from my colleagues. The situation has been examined with various specialists. Most devices are indoors and that is precisely why the local gateway has been placed. And this actually also means that Geolocation is not really possible, but according to my colleagues it is also less relevant because the indoor devices are in a classroom. We suspect that the devices that have received a location have been outside. In order for the gateway to pass location data through, a special decoder would have to be written and activated. However, this is something we cannot support.


ok, thanks for replying.