LoRa message field description.

  • 11 April 2017
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Hi all,

Is there a document or post where I can find a description of all the fields in a LoRa messages? There are some fields where I have no clue what they mean (ex: "MeanPER", "mic_hex", "Late", "LrnInfos"). The difference between "DevEUI_uplink.Time" and "Time"?

It would be really nice if there were a document with a description of each field.

Cheers Jan

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Hello Jan,

Most of the terms are explained in this topic about Dictionary & Definitions. If some are unclear, please let me know 🙂
Hello Tim,

Thanks for your answer! I still have some remaining questions:
1. What is the difference between "DevEUI_uplink.Time" and "Time"?
2. What does "MIC" stand for? Message Integrity Code? What is it used for?
3. What is the usage of "rawMacCommands"?
4. What is the usage of "MType"?

Sorry for the list of questions, but thanks in advance!

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Hi @jankappe,

No problem at all! I'm still waiting on confirmation about the information I found. But I don't want to keep you waiting any longer.
EDIT: Ok, it seems I got them right. Currently, there is a bug on the developer portal with MAC commands.

1. What is the difference between "DevEUI_uplink.Time" and "Time"?
- Not really sure, but I think "Time" is the gateway time and "DevEUI_uplink.Time" are the nodes time.

2. What does "MIC" stand for? Message Integrity Code? What is it used for?
- This Message Integrity Code (MIC) is similar to a checksum, except that it prevents intentional tampering with a message. It is used to validate the integrity of each message.

3. What is the usage of "rawMacCommands"?
- The network server and device can perform network-related administration and management using MAC commands. The LoRaWAN specification specifies a number of commands that can be extended in future versions of LoRaWAN or extended with proprietary commands. There are currently commands for checking connectivity, requesting the status of a device, adapting the data rate of a device, and modifying channel settings.

4. What is the usage of "MType"?
- MType is the message type, indicating among other things whether it is an uplink or a downlink message and whether or not it is a confirmed message.
Thanks @Tim,
That helped a lot!

Groet Jan