LoRa - setup of data exchange

  • 6 April 2022
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We are in the process of setting up devices to measure vibrations of trains. We have 3 calibrated devices that need to be equipped with sim cards with a fixed IP address. The data exchange is very light, KB's. Therefore it does not make sense to use a 5GB data service. This is very expensive, measurements and data communication is foreseen for 10 years. What is the best advice? 

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Hey @HansT,

Welcome to the IoT Community! 
Thanks for creating this topic. I am happy to help. 

If i understand you correctly, you are looking for a Data Only subscription with a fixed IP-address and a  small data bundle, right? Or do you need an M2M SIM card for this, for example?


If your device has a cpu on board, you may consider using lorawan. The device may create an envope for every period of vibration and send it out over lorawan. With a big battery, 10 years is possible. I use smaller lorawan seismo devices which report 24 messages per day in addition to shock-envelopes expecting them to do this for 2 years without charging.