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  • 23 January 2017
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This post has become obsolete as it was incorporated in the Welcome to the KPN LoRa forum. An overview topic.

Welcome to the LoRa forum! This post is aimed at the developers/visitors who are relatively new to LoRa. Hopefully it will help to give you a quick peek into the LoRa/IoT world and the content that can be found on this forum. However, for the experienced LoRa developers this post can still be used as a short overview.

LoRa Forum and Manuals
So you have heard about LoRa and you want to know more. Well, you are at the right place. To get familiar with the basics, and to use the forum in an optimal way, a lot of information can be found here: This post might be your Wikipedia of the LoRa forum. It provides links to information about KPN LoRa basics, Devices, Geolocation, Application Server, FAQ, Developer Portal and some Manuals. Therefore, it is recommended to stroll around the topic for a little while to get familiarized with it.

Good posts to start with
You are not the first developer to arrive on the LoRa forum. Smart questions were asked and some are bundled in the FAQ. Mabye you can already find the answer to your question there. When starting with LoRa all the new terminology can be a bit overwhelming. Therefore, some often used definitions are presented here in our LoRa Dictionary Definitions topic.

Developer Portal
If you want to start immediately with LoRa you can use the Developer Portal as described here. Within this portal you will get 10 keys for 10 weeks free for testing.

What can the community do for you?
If you cannot find the information you need on the forum, feel free to ask! Open a topic (by hitting the ‘Stel uw vraag’ button) and we will be happy to provide you with an answer. It is also encouraged to open a topic to share your project. Others might give useful feedback and/or might be inspired.

IoT Academy
Of course there are other interesting sources with information about LoRa. One we would like to highlight is the IoT Academy. On the Github page of the IoT Academy some code and tutorials are provided. If you want some hands-on experience with LoRa you could follow one of their workshops. During the workshop you will develop your own IoT-application with a Marvin developer board. After the workshop you can keep the Marvin board to continue your IoT journey at home.


Useful links

- [color=#094ab1]LoRa:[/color] Starters Guide
- [color=#094ab1]LoRa:[/color] Forum and Manuals
- [color=#094ab1]LoRa:[/color] Geolocation
- [color=green]Tools:[/color] www.LoRaTools.nl

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Sir what's the difference between Developer Portal and Marvin-Don‘t Panic,Is Marvin-Don‘t Panic a combination of developer portal and application server?
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Hi @ddddway,

Welcome to our IoT Community!
Thanks for posting you question. Until now I didn't know Marvin - Do not Panic. So I have examined it for a moment. Marvin is designed as a plug & play development tool. You can see it as a development board with an app (Marvin - Do not Panic). In the app you can select sensors and download code.

In the KPN Developer Portal you can register and test your devices / prototypes on our network. The Developer Portal is meant to put it into practice without immediately taking out a subscription to use the KPN network.