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  • 23 June 2019
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Hi, i started creating LoRa devices using arduino nano and sx1278 modules and .

I realized there are serious problems when i use a separated 3.3v voltage regulator.

Everything works perfect while i use the 3.3v output from arduino (ch340 output)

But problems come when i use an ams1117 3.3v regulator instead, stops receiving at the moment i transmit. Something like a reset?!¿

Any idea how to solve this?

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Hi @garfius ,

Welcome to the IoT Community!

It is indeed strange that the communication stops if you use the other voltage regulator.

Have you also checked whether the ams1117 3.3v regulator is a LoRa Alliance Certified device?

In addition, i will also discuss this situation with the specialists. When i receive their advise i will inform you immediately.
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Hi @garfius ,

The LoRa specialists have looked at this situation. They indicate that this is not due to LoRa itself. To be honest, they also do not understand why the message traffic stops. The advice is now to discuss this with Arduino. They may be able to indicate which conditions apply if you want to replace the regulator.