LoRaWAN | List of active KPN LRRIds and their physical location

  • 10 November 2017
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Hi there,

We are right now investigating the coverage of the KPN LoRaWAN network to see if it is a reliable solution for some existing projects in terms of stability and coverage. We've used private LoRaWAN gateways and a backend based on the Rondelet/TTN stack running on AWS ECS for almost 2 years now, but we are not in the business of rolling out LPWAN. Having one gateway per sensor is not a very viable options when we move away from our usual geo restricted projects...

So, for over the last two weeks I've started with some small tests. Using the 2G maps on Google and the lat/long of the strongest LRR, I have gathered some data. But still I thinks there must be a well defined list to relate LLRids (FF:01:AA:BB) to their location. Where does one find this information?

Sorry if this was asked before, but I am not able to find it online. How is the 0xAABB organised?

kind regards,
Martijn - Oblivion.nl

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Goodevening @Smeedy,

Welcome to our IoT Community!
Great to hear that you are investigating the coverage of our network to if it is are reliable solution for your projects.
Off course, i can search for a defined list of LLRids. But i think it is far more usefull if you can test it by yourself.

Did you know that we have made the 'KPN LoRa Developer Portal' specific for these kind of tests?
Hi @Rick S.,

Thx for your reply. I've indeed signed up for the dev portal a couple of weeks ago and I have some devices already registered which sent the data through the Actility platform to our own application server running in AWS. This is how I noted the lon/lat of only the strongest LRRid in the metadata of the message.

I can start a wardrive session and map out the physical location of all encountered KPN LoraWAN enabled 2G sites, but it would be so much easier if this information was already present as a predefined list. Or even better, in a well maintained page on the KPN site itself.

Still mileage can vary, so I will keep testing the actual link budget using some special hardware. Pls let me know if such list exist.

kind regards,
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Hi Martijn,

Just to be sure, I've asked the specialists for a list of all LLRids. At this moment, there is no list available and this will not come. This is because the network is continuously adapted and improved. This means that a list will generally be outdated.

Through our website you can of course also use the LoRa Coverage Checker 😉
Hi Rick,

Indeed this is a dynamical list. But as antennae and equipment will be fitted/reused on existing KPN sites - see the 4gmasten.nl site for the KPN 2G Google map - this list will not mutate a lot and can/should be updated on a regular basis by KPN.

The LoRa coverage checker is a theoretical map. Been involved with some projects over the last 12 month where we noticed some differences in theory versus practice... So to get a sense of practice, we'll be creating a dynamical map over the next period. Could be we'll open the API for the community.

Thanks for your time,