Lore: Downlink - "Security Check. bad AS_ID"

  • 20 June 2017
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I am giving downlinks a try, but I keep getting the following error:
Security Check. bad AS_ID

Which is strange, because I literally copied the AS_ID from my personal page.

Any suggesties what could be causing this?
Also, can I safely share my AD_ID here? Could it be the name I chose is not allowed?

I am posting to:

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Hi @P.Witkamp,

Welcome to the LoRa Forum! :D

I agree that it is strange that you get this error. Did you use special characters in your AS_ID?

Besides, it is not a problem to share your AS_ID name here. If you are not comfortable to share it in public, you can also send me a private message 😉
Thank you for your reply.

Alright, I'll share it then. The AS_ID is "nnts.developer". That shouldn't be too strange, right?

I tried changing it, using characters even in case it is already in use, but no success.
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Thanks for sharing the AS_ID!
I agree with you that this isn't a real strange AS_ID. I am going to discuss this with the developers, so we can find out what's the problem here.

When i got an update, i will inform you right away 😃
Alright, thank you!

I see the typos in my previous post made it hard to understand, but I meant to say I tried different AS_IDs, with and without periods. I assumed changes would be effective immediately.
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Maybe you could check your DevEUI one more time. If there is a type in the DevEUI the AD_ID wouldn't match the DevEUI.
Hi Jeroen,

Thank you for your reply!

I tried changing the DevEUI, also tried different devices. When it doesn't match, I get an error about the DevEUI explicitly, so I think it is unlikely that would be the problem.
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Hi P.Witkamp,

First of all I owe you an apologie.

As I told you last week (22-06) I have discussed your issue with developers. I send them an email with a request to check the problem and give us an advice how to fix it. Until today I had no response to my request. At this moment they are trying to find the solution to this problem. We are trying to exclude if the problem is in our software or not. I expect it to be clear soon and we can solve the problem quickly.
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Hi P. Witkamp,

This issue with the AS_ID has been discussed with a lot of colleagues and specialists.
After different tests and many times of checking the data we noticed that the link that you are posting to is not the correct one. First, we assumed you would send the messages to the ThingPark network and not to the test environment in the Developer portal.

In this topic you will find the updated instructions and the correct link.

Can you please let me know if it worked?