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  • 27 February 2018
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Some of the uplink message are devlivered twice. The logging showed that these messages have been send twice with the same payload.



The time is the samen but the LrrRSSI, LrrSNR and Lrrid values differ.

How is this possible?



commented out the customerid and DevEUI

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More interesting is that Lrcid values differ. So, some gateways send uplinks to one network server, and some other gateways send uplinks to another one.
Should the server(s) that sends uplinks to our server not solve this problem.
Now i need to handle this myself but don't know that this is the way to go. Simply checking that the time field is the same for the device is reliable?

When is a fix for this available? 😀
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If I were you I would track FCntUp value (for many reasons).
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Hi @Eddy Tick,

I recognize the problem. Please read below for more information:

"An issue has been running for some time now, with Gateways using one of our core servers, allowing customers to receive double messages.
Actility is currently working on a solution to this problem, but in the meantime the core (the LRC) must be restarted daily to keep the network as stable as possible. During this restart the consequences in the network are limited, but most gateways will shortly switch to the other LRC.

I'm not sure about the current status of this issue. I will get back to you when I've received more information.
Do you experience this issue all the time?
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Hello all,

This issue isn't fixed yet, I just got a confirmation. The workaround for the problem, resetting the LRC regularly, was done too late this time. Resulting in double messages for a short period.
Right now it should work again as it should and we will continue with the workaround untill a definitive fix is implemented!

"There is a known issue in the network, which results in Gateways sending messages to the second LRC. As a result, some messages are send to your Application Server twice. While no definitive fix is available, we do have a workaround which we have implemented and this means that you should no longer encounter this issue from this point onwards."
The issue is better now, thanh you for the reaction.


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Great to hear Eddy! Thanks for your confirmation. Hope we receive the definitive fix soon.