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  • 21 October 2016
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My question is about receiving LoRa data packets.

I already configured packets which are sent from an Arduino program and are visible in the kpn devicemanager and wlogger. I just read an 11 months old topic about an Application data API but got No response with the provided URL (and using my own DevEUI).

Does anyone know how to fetch your LoRa packets or what I am doing wrong related to the other topic? ( )

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Hi Klyner, welcome to the LoRa Forum!

Can you be more specific on your question? What provided URL are you using?
If you log in to the LoRa Developer portal, you can see the messages in de Debugger, right? What is the destination API you're using?
Hey Tim!

Thank you!

I have taken over a LoRa project from someone else. (who isn't possible to explain LoRa atm) I am trying to send and receive data over the LoRa network using several keys. I used the keys that were already available in his old project and was glad that the data was instantly visible in the wlogger. =>

My question is about receiving the data. The Arduino sends it using several keys but what is done with the data? Do the keys contain a destination address or do I need to pull the data using an API?

I hope this is a little bit more clear, otherwise, let me know!
I think I have just found the answer. In the devicemanager it is possible to configure the routing destination URL and I think KPN will send an XML/JSON packet to this URL.
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Hi Klyner, well it seems you just answered your own question indeed!
Good luck programming, you're always welcome to ask questions here 😉