There are online LoRa tools and reference code available to make your life easier

  • 3 January 2018
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There are several online tools and references available to help you along with your LoRa service. In this post two websites providing tools and reference code are provided:
  1. Key generator. LoRa customers that have access to a ThingPark account have to provide an LRC-AS key, which is used for the encryption and decryption of the data. The Shannon Entropy of the key should be at least 3.7. This generator provides 16 Byte keys which fulfill this Entropy requirement. On top of that, keys with a different amount of bytes can be generated if desired. Note that the safe storage of these keys is the responsibility of the customer and that when multiple devices are commissioned, one should use unique encryption keys for each device.
  2. HEX helper. This tool can be used to convert the style of your HEX string.
  3. ThingPark import helper. LoRa users with a ThingPark account have the possibility to provision devices using the batch import function. This means that multiple devices can be activated in one go, using a CSV file. This tool simplifies the generation of such a CSV file based on the device list which one can upload on this webpage.
  4. Air time calculator. Based on several configurable LoRa Modem settings and the frame configuration, the airtime of a LoRa frame can be determined. The tool also directly provides the duty cycle given the provided settings.
  • Github - KPN LoRa reference code . This webpage provides reference code and documentation for using the KPN LoRa network. It provides code on API calls, Downlink requests, Payload decryption and uplink token verification.

4 reacties

Hello, I am not in the Netherlands now and cant open the ThingPark Page. I want to know some details about how to ues KPN LoRawan,such as how to join KPN LoRawan the cost of LoRawan the protocol between KPN server and application server i‘d appreciate for your help’
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Hi ddddway,

Welcome to the KPN LoRa forum!
If I understand correctly you are not a user of KPN LoRa yet and you would like to get started with it, is that correct?
Have you had a look at the other topics on this forum yet, for example the Starter guide? On the landing page of the forum several other topics are posted as well, which might already answer some of your questions.

Are you planning on developing your LoRa service outside The Netherlands as well (since that is where you say you are currently located)?

With kind regards,
het grootste deel van de links werken niet meer

groet dirkambu
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Beste dirkambu,

Bedankt voor dit signaal., vervelend dat de links niet meer werken We gaan kijken of we de tools weer benaderbaar kunnen maken of anders uit deze post verwijderen.