Time information in the data packet(s)

  • 2 November 2017
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We are currently looking into the option to use time in the data packet to get an estimation of speed. We assume that this is the time the gateway receives the packet. We found something curious: We let two nodes send a packet via LoRa with an interval of 11 msec.. We found that for some reason the time interval in the packets is either 11 msec, 989 msec or 1011 msec. So we have a mysterious extra delta time of 1 sec..

Does anyone have any thoughts on or explanation for this? Does anyone have any feeling on the accruacy of this packet arrival time on the gateway?

Thanks, Sven

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Goodevening @swallage,

Welcome to our IoT Community!
I am going to discuss this with the specialists to get an explanation for the extra delta time of 1 sec. I am expecting to have an answer for you within 2 days.
Sounds good, thanks, Sven
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Goodmorning Sven,

The specialists have been investigated to find an explanation for the delta time of 1 sec. They can not immediately find the cause or give an explanation. Therefore, they now have a ticket with the question put out at the supplier. They must be able to provide us with an answer. Unfortunately, this means that it may take a few days before we have an answer.
Hi Rick,
Thanks for your answer. I really hope they are able to find something. In case they need additional information, do not hesitatie to notify me. We can provide additional logging and supply more information on our findings.

I has been some time ago that this issue was addressed. Can you please update me on any progress?

Thanks, Sven
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Hi @swallage,

Thank you for your patience with this question. Last week i was on a little vacation. Therefore, i didn't see the answer from the specialists. My sincere apologies!

Our supplier requires some additional information on this issue, namely:
• How was the test performed?
• What is the DevEUI of the devices that where tested?
• What is the account in which this was tested?
• If you have any further relevant information, please sent this as well

Could you please provide us with the above information, such that we can look into this further?
I have sent a private message.