Uplink message spec changed?

  • 2 January 2017
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I noticed that the "Test Uplink" button uses another message structure than the actual received messages from a live LoRa node.

Some of the LoRa network parameters are restructured, ex: LrrSNR, Lrrid, SpFact and possibly more.

I'm using the KPN LoRa Developer portal. I tried to find any news information on: "Do you have any questions? Please ask them at our https://zakelijkforum.kpn.com/lora-nieuws-updates-18" mentioned at the developer portal but the link is dead..


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The JSON uplink message from the Developer Portal should be identical to the JSON message that is received from devices on the production environment. Could you send me some examples in a private message? I will take a look into this.

Thanks for noticing that the link to the forum is down on the Developer Portal. This will be fixed quickly.