• 15 May 2017
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Hello KPN,

I was looking through the files in the IoT Academy and found this file :
Here I can see a DevEUI_Uplink in the XML format. In the development Portal I get the messages in JSON format.

I'm currently in development. But which standard does LoRa production use right now? (ThingPark?)

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Ok, The format being sendt from ThingPark is in XML. While on the developer portal from KPN it will send in JSON format.

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Hi @Blindklinknagel,

Welcome to our LoRa Forum! :D
The answer to your question is already been published in this topic.

The topic, that you can find through the above link, is quite extended. Therefore i sent you the direct answer to your question below.

Which dataformats are supported?
Thingpark supports XML and J-SON format. The Developer Portal only J-SON.