Kan Spotify niet opzeggen

  • 7 October 2021
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Good morning,

I am currently unable to terminate my Spotify account associated to my business mobile subscription.

I have activated the service a while ago using MijnKPN, however when I try to deactivate it (using the same function on MijnKPN) i see that Spotify is not active???




However, Spotify subscription costs are billed every month:




I was on the phone with the helpdesk  and after 40 minutes the agent concluded that the service is managed by another partner (is that my problem?), due to that he cannot fix this problem.

He has also stated I should be able to terminate my subscription on my Spotify account but I see a clear message stating that I should contact KPN for this:

Can anyone help me with this please? 

10 reacties

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Hi @Fra welcome to the KPN Business Forum,

You have a Spotify subscription through one of our partners. This is the reason you don’t see it in your MijnKPN.If you wish to terminate this subscription, you can contact them.

Their contact info is available on their website

Sorry but I still don't get this, I have activated my subscription through your Self Care (MijnKPN) and now I have to contact your partner (XS4ALL) in order to have this service removed?

I think I am going to switch to another provider straight away, that should solve the problem as well


I just called XS4ALL and they were very surprised about this advice, luckily they were able to find this post as initially they did not believe what I have told to them.

The agent has involved the XS4ALL back-office department and they both concluded that XS4ALL is not able to help me since they cannot find my subscription anywhere. 

They have stated they used a tool in the past to check the subscription statutes and that the tool does not work anymore; this is the only possible and logical explanation they could give to the KPN advice to contact XS4ALL



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Then I will investigate this further to find a solution. Where exactly did you get the message that it’s connected to a partner account?

Please sent me a private message including your client number, Spotify username, and the last 3 digits of you bank account.


Thanks for your reply but I have already requested to switch to a different provider (mobile subscription), as well as the termination of both internet and ITV subscriptions.

Hopefully this will force the cancellation of those reoccurring costs 

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I only see a charge for an online purchase on your last mobile invoice. But there is no active Spotify subscription via KPN. So, it looks like it will only be this one charge by us.

I understand you have chosen to terminate your contract and change providers. But if you have any other questions relating this issue, you know where to find me.

I see two charges, on the invoice of  August (number 1189057089) as well as on the one of September (1192255270); based on this i conclude this is not a "one-time charge" but a "reoccurring payment".


You have stated that "there is no active Spotify subscription via KPN"  but I am still getting billed (last invoice was received a few days ago) and I still cannot manage my Spotify account 


As you can see on the above screenshot I am currently unable to perform any action other than log-out all connected devices on my Spotify account.

In the area where I should be able to change\terminate my subscription i see the following text: 

Jouw abonnement is gekoppeld aan onze partner KPN/XS4ALL. Benader KPN/XS4ALL voor vragen over je abonnement.


Indeed I have terminated all my KPN subscriptions today, however I still find useful to share this to prevent that other customers will be experiencing the same frustrating loop


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Yes correct, there are 2 charges. I missed the first one.

There is no active Spotify account at this moment. As you can see in the first screenshot where it says (in gray): Geen Spotify Premium HUIDIG. This means there currently is no active Spotify Premium.

When you choose the option below, where you can click on the > next to where is says Spotify Premium, is where you can activate your subscription.

Thanks for sharing your feedback with us. We are always looking for ways to improve our service.

That is exactly the BUG I am trying to describe here; your selfcare (MijnKPN) is showing the wrong status for my Spotify subscription:

So again I see Geen Spotify Premium as current product (HUIDG) while i do have an active subscription and I have been billed in the last 2 months.

Before contacting you I have waited to receive 2 consecutive invoices with this reoccurring charge, this prove that it is NOT a one-time-charge but a REOCCURRING PAYMENT THAT I CANNOT DELETE (it is my right to cancel this reoccurring payment anytime).

Due to that wrong status I am not able to DISABLE the service (and the reoccurring payment)

I understand this service was handled directly by the KPN customer care and billing system however it is now handled by an external party. For this reason your MijnKPN environment ALWAYS SHOWN GEEN SPOTIFY ACCOUNT, the system that is receiving this "web-service" request does not know anything about online payments managed by external party and obviously responds that I do not have an active product.

I guess you should involve a designer instead of trying to convince me that I do not have a Spotify account (since i pay every month for it and I am using it as we speak)



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@Fra like I said, there is no active Spotify account/subscription attached to your KPN subscription. So it looks like you activated Spotify somewhere else and only choose to have it billed on your KPN invoice.