Mobile data does not work outside netherlands

  • 1 November 2018
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I posted about the same thing once and the issue persists. When I traveled to Germany my mobile data didnt work. Then to Greece, didn’t work. Now I’m traveling again.

i tried *everything* they suggested, changing the mobile data apn to correct values, selecting manually the provider, etc. and nothing worked. I saw people having similar issues and the only thing that fixed the issue was remotely reset the network or something like that.

Please help!

6 reacties

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Good afternoon, welcome on the KPN Zakelijk Forum.

Sorry to read you are still having problems. I’m happy to help you. I can’t find the mobile number that’s in your in account info in my system.

Is your number maybe part of a corporate account?
@Mark L. yes mark it is.
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That explains why I can’t find it. I am not authorized for corporate accounts. I advise you to ask someone in your company who your KPN contact is for these type of questions.
@Mark L. I already did it. And they asked me to reach you guys. That’s the third time this happens and no one can solve my problem. This is really annoying.
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That's strange since we are not authorized for corporate accounts on the forum. Sent me a private message with the Company name, address and client number, and I will see if I can find out how and where to solve this problem.

@Mark L. @Breno601 
I have the same problem.. How did it get solved ? If it got solved.