Most horrible client service ever in my life

  • 3 June 2018
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At the end of August 2017 our daughter moved to Utrecht to study. Immediately we signed up for home internet and for a SIM card for her cell phone. The home internet was fixed in no time, the cell phone subscription became a difficult issue. We were told at the KPN shop in Utrecht to bring documents proving that she live at her address and that she is registered. Afterwards she was told this was not enough and she had to go to Municipality agin to bring one more paper costing Euro 30 - none of her student friends had to deliver such an extra document with their providers.
Anyway she got her cell phone working and all was fine. Unfortunately she did not ever get any text messages sent from abroad. The topic was taken up in the KPN shop where she was told she should call KPN which she did. To make the story short: up to today she still is not able not get text messages sent from abroad! Also, when we call her from abroad her phone does not ring. We always call twice, the 2nd time she receives the call.

Unfortunately, our daughter fell ill in November and by April 2018 it became clear that she needed to come home to Switzerland. On May 2 she called KPN and explained her problem to Mrs Eggen. Mrs Eggen was very helpful and said all her contracts would be cancelled by the time she leave the country. Our daughter sent a confirmation email to the address Mrs Eggen had given her and left the Netherlands on May 4, 2018.
10 days later my husband and I travelled to Utrecht to close down her apartment. We sent back the modem to the address we got from a phone call to KPN as their promised shipping box for the modem had never arrived.
To today we do not have a confirmation that KPN received the modem although I have asked twice for it.

On May 14, 2018 I received a confirmation email that the internet at home will be cancelled by 17th May 2018.
On May 28, 2018 I received ANOTHER confirmation email that the internet at home will be cancelled by June 2018!
I immediately wrote an email to asking them why? I also told them that I am still waiting for confirmation regarding her cell phone contract cancellation.
I did not get any reply till today!

I talked with KPN (I CAN NOT CALL KPN FROM ABROAD BECAUSE OF THE 0800 PHONE NUMBER) and during these 45 minutes I was told that our daughter had sent the cancellation to the wrong email address. Due to that, the cancellation of the internet connection would only be made in June. However I have the proof that she sent the cancellation Email to the .com address originally advised.
Again I was promised that the person on the chat line will put a note in my daughters file (which was promised twice before). At the end I clicked on the wrong button and the line was lost.
On the same day (Mai 28, 2018) I googled how to call KPN from abroad. I called to +31 10428 9571 and left a message to please call my daughters number. I DID NOT HEAR BACK FROM KPN TILL THIS DATE.

So there we go, it becomes June 1, 2018, KPN has incasso on my daughters bank account (we would like to close this account as she will never use it again) and I feel like closing the account and leave KPN hanging in the air. But I am not like this. So I keep on trying. Another frustrating and fruitless talk over 50 minutes on June 1, 2018 did not bring anything because the persons answering the phone DO NOT KNOW MUCH.
I then once again tried to call the above phone number +31 ... and again left a message. I truly hope somebody will finally get back to me.

In the meantime my daughter is stuck with her Dutch phone number and bad coverage in Switzerland with SALT. The calling is an issue because nobody in Switzerland will call her on a foreign number because unlike the European Union Countries, Switzerland does not include free calling abroad in their subscriptions or if they do it would be 60 to 90 minutes and what is that in a month? So it will be difficult to use/give her Dutch phone number to people in Switzerland.
She also does not get text messages.

How can a company act in such an inefficient way? Shame on you!

However we do not stop at this. We will end this charade within short.

Anyone being able to help us in this matter? Thank you!

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Hello @Upset, welcome to the KPN Business Forum.

What a shame to read that your experience with our client service has been this bad. First of all i'd like to apologise for all the issues until now. Secondly i'd like to dive into this and offer a solution. Could you please provide me with the 06-number of your daughter, the zip code and house number of the internet subscription and her full name and last 4 characters of the IBAN for verification? You can send the data to me by private massage.
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Thank you for the information Evelyne. ☺️

I assume that your daughter is now in Switzerland, hope she's doing well. When she left she had to deregister at the town hall and if I'm correct they've provided her with an deregistration of municipal basic administration (uitschrijving gemeentelijke basisadministratie). Do you have a copy of that for me?
Thank you for asking. She is doing a bit better. We are grateful for that.
This is one of the documents she sent to on May 2, 2018 as well as a print screen of her email to
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Thank you for the documents.

The Internet subscription is cancelled and will stop on June 15th. I'm looking into the mobile phone subscription and will get back at you tomorrow. Is that OK?
Yes tomorrow is fine. I however still do not understand why we got an official confirmation of cancellation of internet by May 17, 2018 and then another email stating it will be done by June 15th. The person on the phone claimed my daughter had sent the email with documents to opzeggen@kpn.nlinstead of .com that was why it was pushed by one more month - which is not true as you could see in my attachment.
Was the modem received by KPN, by the way?

Tomorrow is fine. I will be quite busy but will be checking my emails.
Our daughter is having trouble with her phone here. She shows many anonymous phone calls (maybe from KPN International where we left a message on voice recorder last week) but she can of course not call back as she does not have a phone number. Her phone does not ring when one calls her. One has to call her 2x in a row and the second time it rings... so it is troublesome addition
with text messages to and from android phones which do not arrive.
Thank you for your help and till tomorrow.
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Good morning,

To be honest I don't know what exactly has caused the confusion around the cancellation date. Your daughters deregistration from the municipal basic administration is on May 4th. The notice period for cancellations is 1 month. So the right date should be June 4th. I can reimburse the subscription costs between June 4th and June 15th.

I just got confirmation that the end date of the mobile phone subscription will be adjusted so I can cancel it immediately. So I think we're almost there!

I'll keep you updated. 😄
Ok, thank you very much Mohammad. We will wait for your confirmation and appreciate your reimbursement. Until later.
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Good afternoon,

I just cancelled the phone subscription. I will look into the excess subscription costs as soon as the final notes are ready.
Dear Mohammad,
My daughters' phone is still working and I just got the payment announcement for the next month. Could you please advise where we stand?
Thank you and till later.
Best regards from Switzerland
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Good morning Evelyne,

The cancellation and the invoice crossed each other. You'll get a final note with a clearance and refund.

You're most welcome. 😄
good morning Mohammad!
Thank you for YOUR (personal) excellent customer service!
have a great day ?
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Thank you for the kind words! 😊
Hi Mohammad, sorry to bother you again. The new renters of the apartment can not move their internet to Tulpstraat 52 because our daughters' internet contract seems to still be active.
Could you please check this ?
Also: did the modem arrive (which I assume) to KPN?
And could you pls also provide me with the amounts we get reimbursed by KPN?
Best regards,
Hi Mohammad, any news? KPN deducted monthly fee for mobile phone on June 14, 2018 - this does not seem to work! Awaiting your answer.
Best regards,
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Good morning Evelyne,

Sorry for the late response. Somehow I missed your previous massages.

I just looked into it and i see that the home internet subscription is cancelled correctly and it's not active since June 15th. It's possible that technically the line is not quite ready for a new subscription, because I ended the subscription immediately and not with a month's notice period. So the new renters will be fine, it just takes a little more time to clear the line.

The reason you've got an invoice for June is that the invoice was generated just 1 day after the cancellation date (June 7th). The cancellation day was June 6th. So you'll have to wait for the final note. On the final note the subscription costs for the period between June 6th and June 30th will be automatically refunded.

Thank you for your patience.
Best regards,
thank you Mohammad for speedy reply!
Just to understand clearly: will we also get the fee for the home internet back due to the confusion in cancellation (May 17 - June 14)?
Thanks and have a good day!
Greetings from sunny and very warm Switzerland
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You're most welcome.

I will take care of that as soon as both the final notes are ready. That way I can make an exact calculation of the refund sums.

Greetings back to you from rainy Netherlands! 😋
Hi Mohammad
We got another bank account charge by KPN for the mobile phone today. A refund plus a one time charge (!?) so we pay yet again. Could you please check on this? We really wish to close the bank account and I did not expect extra costs for this and that. Truly not happy in Switzerland
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Hello Evelyne,

This is the final note. You'll need to pay €11,94 for the period until June 6th. , it's just the automatic generated invoice. Now I will refund €18,20 for the period between May 17th and June 6th.
Hello Mohammad
Thank you for your reply. The final note arrived today and it seems now everything should be finished and in order. Have a great summer and best regards from Switzerland!
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Hello Evelyne,

I'm glad to hear that! You have a great summer too. 😄