prepaid SIM card activated but unable to call or text

  • 24 August 2022
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I am from Canada but just moved to the Netherlands and got a prepaid sim card from KLM. I activated it and recieved the confirmation text but am unable to call or text. I don't know if I can still use my Canadian phone number with this SIM or if I need to get a new phone number. I'm very confused and would really appreciate some advice 

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Hi @Kirstie

Welcome to the KPN business forum!
With a KPN prepaid subscription you will get a new number, we can not migrate a Canadian phone number to a KPN subscription.

Can you fill in your phonenumber in your forum profile in the box ‘uw klantnummer’ (your clientnumber) and let me know here when you've done that. Then I will check what I can do for you. 😉