What's my KPN phone number?

  • 19 July 2018
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Hello there, how can i get my phone number KPN..?
I have a KPN SIM Card but i cant find my phone number..
Please any help, any suggestion...

5 reacties

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The easiest way to get your phone number is by calling other people with your phone. Your phone number will be set in the display.

Your phone number is also listed on the invoice.
But my SIM CARD is deactivated and I can’t call people.
I’m located outside of NL and my SIM Card is deactivated.
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Ough, that's even worse. Some providers require you to connect to the dutch network BEFORE the simcard can be provisioned, which might be an issue here (I know that this is the case for T-Mobile, no idea if this is the case for KPN).

Can you add your simcard number (Its the number on the sim card) under "Uw Klantnummer" in your profile, if you have a costumer number its also useful to list it there as well. This is enough information to track what phone number is connected to your simcard.

You can find your profile here:
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Good day @Nikhardy, welcome to the KPN Zakelijk Forum.

Could you please add your phone number to your profile as @SjorsK instructed of sent it to me in a private massage?