New Business contract - Bridge mode

  • 7 November 2020
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I have signed a new buisness contract with KPN contract for fixed internet. 

I ordered my subscription by phone and got the contract but there is no information in the contract about the "bridge mode”option on modem. What was the most important thing that I discussed with the sales agent. 

When I called your helpdesk I got the info that all new contract are getting V12 modem that supports “bridge mode”. But he could not send me any document to confirm this except to say it. 

He told me to ask here on the forum and that I would get a replay to this question. 

As a new buisness customer that is getting optical internet 500/500 am I getting a modem that has the option of “Bridge mode” ?

Thanks for the replay!

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Goodmorning @FraneB,

Thanks for creating this topic and we are sorry for the late response! 
If i understand you correctly, you want to know if you will get a modem with ‘bridge mode’ with your new subscription, right? My collegae told you that you will get a KPN Box 12 which supports the ‘bridge mode’ but you want a confirmation of that, right? 

Off course, I will check this for you so we can give you the confirmation. Can you please send me a private message with your company name, the ordernumber and the zipcode and housenumber of the connection address?

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Thanks for the private message @FraneB

I have checked this with some of the technical specialists and they tell me that the ‘bridge mode’ is not supported by the KPN Box 12 and the Experia Box modems. The information you have received is therefore incorrect. Our apologies!

Now I have to say that it is possible to connect your own modem. You must then configure the modem yourself so that our services work via the modem. On the next page you will find more information: https://www.kpn.com/service/internet/wifi-en-modems/eigen-modem-instellen-en-gebruiken.htm