No 4G outside Netherlands iPhone 11 business phone

  • 13 September 2022
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Hi KPN and Community
I’m struggling for some time with no 4G in outside NL. 
I have a business phone with KPN. My Number got transferred from tele2. 
It’s an IPhone 11. Roaming is on. 
I’m in Germany now and  called the KPN support who advised me to reset the network settings, which I did. But no change. 

Last time I was abroad I moved the sim to the iphone 11 of my colleague and the problem moved with the sim. He had no 4G and I had 4G using his sim.
Since then my IT help desk changed the physical SIM to an E-sim, but also this did not help.

I’m currently in Germany, with a 2nd loan/test phone (Iphone 11) and a kpn sim and this one just works.
So two phones next to each other. Same settings. one works, one does not. 

What can I do now ? Can you help? 


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Hello Lasse, it seems to me, according to your very informative and thorough troubleshooting you already did before making this post, that there is just a problem with that specific physical simcard.

Could you send me a private message containing your mobile subscription info?