the PCB communication field is ushering in a period of rapid growth.

  • 24 November 2022
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Affected by 5G construction, the PCB communication field is ushering in a period of rapid growth. The construction of 5G is speeding up. In 2020, the volume will be increased on a large scale. The PA, filter, and antenna at the base station will usher in changes. The PCB industry will usher in a great opportunity for 5G development. According to Prismark estimates, the compound annual growth rate of PCB output value in the global computer field is estimated to be -3.2% from 2017 to 2021. The main reason is that the growth of the computer industry has gradually slowed down.

In the field of consumer electronics, due to the saturation of the traditional consumer electronics market, the proportion of PCB applications remained basically stable. PCB is mainly used in home appliances, drones, VR equipment and other products in the field of consumer electronics.

In the field of automotive electronics, driven by intelligent driving and new energy technologies, it is expected to become a new driving force for PCB development. PCB is mainly used in GPS navigation, car audio, car dashboard, car sensor and other equipment. Remote IO module

In the field of industrial control medical treatment, with the accelerated aging of the global population, the demand for portable medical and home medical equipment has increased sharply, making medical equipment have broad development prospects. In the field of industrial control and medical treatment, PCB is mainly used in industrial computers, frequency converters, measuring instruments, medical displays and other equipment.

North America is the largest PCB market in the aerospace field, mainly due to the relatively developed aerospace manufacturing industry in this region. The Asia-Pacific region is the region with the fastest growing demand for aerospace PCBs. Affected by factors such as the growth in demand for commercial aircraft driven by the continuous growth of passenger traffic, the market recovery speed is relatively fast. In the field of aerospace, PCB is mainly used in aircraft, aviation remote sensing system, aviation radar and other equipment. Antenna&Power

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