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How to see current vaste telephone usage on mijn kpn

3 or 4 years ago, I was guided by kpn to see my current usage on my fixed ISDN telephone line - including each call and price and duration, up to about 12 hours in the past. Now I can't find the link to this information anymore. Can you please help to find my usage like I could before?

Kind regards,
Jayesh Feldman

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Hello Jayesh ( @humaniversity ),
Welcome to the KPN Business Forum 😃

You can login to your MijnKPN environment to see the usage / specification about your fixed line. Do you remember your login details?
Yes, I can login, but all I get is the opportunity to download my old invoices, which I have already. No details about the calls I have made, like I used to be able to get from this portal in the past. Maybe I am looking in the wrong place?
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Perhaps you are, hard to say. Can I take a look at your account? Would you be so kind to sent me a private message with your phone number(s)?
Thank you. I sent you a private message with my phone number.
When can I expect a call from you?
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Hi Jayesh, sorry for my late response. I have a few questions about your account. Please see my private message!
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Goodmorning @humaniversity,

@Tim is Absent this week. I've got the data you've asked for. Could you please provide your email address in a privébericht?
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I've sent you the details. 😄