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  • 23 February 2016
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Hello (Sorry i don't speak dutch)

My company is moving to another building and during the transition period, we would like our incoming calls to be routed to another line.

How can we proceed?

Thank you for your reply.



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Hello @MSTRNL, welcome and don't worry about not speaking dutch! ;)

To direct transfer telephone calls, the easiest way is to make use of the "star codes".

If you have a landline you can try (example):

*21*0612345678#   (with 0612345678 being the number to put through)

Some ISDN terminals use:


When you have an "Ondernemerspakket" from KPN, please use:


More information can be found here. (dutch)

Thank you for your answer. I had the opportunity to test this today and unfortunately none of the propositions worked. Each time I tried to set the trsanfert, I received a busy tone.

We have Panasonic Voip phones, maybe that is the reason.

Any suggestion? could the customer service do it for me?

Thanks for your asssistance,


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Dear Karine,

The customer service cannot help you to transfer your calls. This is due to security reasons.

As you own a Panasonic Voip phone, there's a big chance you do have IP calling included with the Ondernemerspakket.

Therefore, please try: *210612345678#

(press dial button, then *21 followed by the number to put trough)

I have tested this suggestion as well without any success. Each time I dial*21 the phone says "ongelgig" which I understand means no valid.

Thank you


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Hi Karine,

It is important we know what kind of subscription you have. As you can see there are multiple options.

For instance, if you always need to dial a 0 to call external, you probably need to dial the 0 also.

If you don't know what subscription you have, please sent me your phone number in a private message. Then I can look it up for you!
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Hello Karine, (@MSTRNL)

Thanks for sending me a private message. As you have an ISDN subscription, you should be able to use this method:


If this ain't working for you, my advice is to search for the instruction manual of your ISDN terminal. Perhaps it uses a different method.