Missing LoRa coverage

  • 11 August 2021
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What to do if I need better Lora coverage ?

I have 2 underground sensors where I only got Join request with very weak signal and my sensors do not received the join accept message.

External antenna on the device is not a option.


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Hi @Patoje,

Welcome back!
I am happy to check if and how we can get better coverage. Can you please explain what you mean with ‘underground sensors’? And why is an external antenna not an option? Finally, what is the name of the devices we are talking about?

Hi Rick

We are supplier of sensor for water distribution. All the water pipes are below ground typically below street covers. Some are cast iron. Sometimes it is possible to change those to plastic to have better coverage.

Our positioner device that detect the number of turns is potted because it need to be 100% waterproof. if we construct an device with external antenna, then will the wire get twisted

Here is a link to our homepage that explain this in more detail: 



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Thanks for the clarification!
To be honest I have no experience with underground devices. I have discussed this with some colleagues and we need to investigate further to see what we can do in this situation. Can you let us know which devices (DevEUI) are involved?

I then pass this information on to my colleagues, who will then investigate the possibilities. We expect to have an answer in about a week.

All our devices are equal, but those I have problems with is







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Thank you! 
My colleagues will investigate what we can do to create a better coverage for these devices. I will come back to you when i get the results from my colleagues. 

Have a nice weekend!

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Goodmorning @Patoje,

Thank you for your patience! My colleagues have investigated the situation and looked at how the coverage can be improved. From the network we actually have no possibilities to improve the coverage. It is of course also a very difficult situation since the devices are underground, near metal pipes, are cast in and an external antenna is not possible.

There are companies that can provide advice in this area. An example of this is IMST.

Finally, DaRe coding can be used in the payload. This allows messages lost in areas with poor coverage to be recovered, up to a Packet Error Rate of 40%.

We hope you can continue with this information. 

Good morning Rick

Thank you for the answer, and I will forward you answer to our development department.