LoRa Components

  • 22 October 2015
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Below a schematic is given of the components of Lora Connect.

The LoRa enabled Device provided by developer. Usually contains some kind of sensor or actuator. Communicates with one or more Application Servers through the LoRa Connect infrastructure. Developers create their own firmware need to make sure it is Lora WAN compliant: https://github.com/Lora-net/LoRaMac-node. Encryption of the data will happen here as specified in the LoRaWAN specifications.

LoRaMote is an example of a device that can be used as a reference device for developers to examine the end 2 end connectivity.

Communication between Device and Gateway is using Radio Frequency (RF), usually the 868 Mhz

LoRa Gateway
The LoRa Gateway collects data from the devices and is able to talk back to the devices. Also indicated as Long Range Router (LRR).

LoRa Back-end
Data from the Gateway is forward to the LoRa Back-end. Here data from different gateways is combined if needed, authentication is checked and data is forward to a specified Application Server. Developer can choose to decrypt the payload here before forwarding it to an application server or to keep the payload encrypted and handle the decryption in the application server. Also known as the Long Range Concentrator (LRC).

ThingPark deviceManager
The ThingPark deviceManager (https://www.kpn-lora.com/deviceManager/) is used to manage (authentication of) devices and set up communication with an application server.

ThingPark wlogger
The ThingPark wlogger (https://www.kpn-lora.com/wlogger/) monitors all incoming data per device and shows payload, which will be encrypted unless developer has chosen to decrypt the data in the back-end.

Application Server
A server that receives the payload from the devices and possibly sends data back to the devices. The Application server is provided by the developer.

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