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  • 6 November 2020
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Hi all,

I am having a problem connecting my portal.kpnthings to my Azure IoT hub. I am pretty new to Azure, so bear with me, please. :)

What I want to do: I want to forward the Lora messages from my SodaqOne device to the Azure IoT hub. Right now, I can see the data being sent on my portal.kpnthings. I am looking for a solution to use this streaming data as an input to an algorithm later.

What I already did in Azure: 

  • Created a Resouce group
  • Created an Azure IoT hub
  • Created a Storage account
    • generated SAS keys with settings bellow:
      • all services, resource types, and permissions
      • start/expiry data for a month
      • allowing both HTTP and HTTPS
      • basic routing tier
    • which will generate the followings SAS:
      • connection string
      • SAS token
      • BLOB, File service, Queue service, and table service
  • I am checking the activity Log of my Azure IoT hub, the storage account, and running the command on Azure cloud shell az iot hub monitor-events --hub-name <my hub name> but nothing is there! :(

What I did in portal.kpnthings:

  • Destination type: Azure IoT Hub
  • Destination name: <same as my IoT Hub name>
  • Hostname: <provided in my IoT Hub>
  • SAS key: 
    • encoded SAS token from above to base64 using the tool provided in the portal.kpnthings
  • Added the destination to the flow

Can Someone help me figure out how to forward my data?

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Dear Rick,

Thank you for your reply. In deed, I  deactivated it today since I couldn’t figure out how to do it and am using the HTTP endpoint for the moment. I will check the page you mentioned and will try again. I will let you know if I face any further problems.

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Hi @denizdanaie ,

Welcome to the IoT Community! 
I am happy to help you with the configuration of the Azure IoT Hub. I've looked up your account and I see an active device and the Azure IoT Hub destination. This destination is not linked yet. If I understand ou correctly, you want to use the Azure IoT Hub for downlink communication, right? Did you find the Azure IoT Hub page on our Docs page? 

As mentioned on the Azure IoT Hub page: 

In the future we plan to support downlink communication using Cloud-to-Device communication in the IoT Hub, and we plan to support device twin synchronization between KPN Things and the IoT Hub.