[LoRa Module Manufacturer SoluM]I'd like to ask you for LoRa, Sir.

  • 9 November 2016
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Dear, Sir.

Nice meet to you,
My name is SJ(SangJong). Jung, in South Korea.
I'm a member of SoluM which is manufacturer of LoRa module.
We are the first vendor of SKTelecom (South Korea biggest telecommunication company) for LoRa module and now we are supporting for LoRa module to Tata Communications in India.

And now we started the Mass Production of LoRa for our customers.
We expect to spread the applications.

And I searched the status of Netherland market for LoRa, and I figured out KPN already deployed all area of your country.

So, we hope to co-work with KPN.
We should provide our module to the Netherland with good price and best quality.

May I know the contact point of module device manager?
I hope to send the brochures for Solum and our modules.
or how should Solum does your vendor or get certification?

Thank you.



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Dear SJ,

I noticed your topic has no response yet. I'm sorry we didn't seen your post. :(
If you still need contact about LoRa, I would like to reveice a message.