lorawan downlink: fetching token

  • 16 January 2022
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in order to get downlink working, i need to get (every hour) a token from grip. That’s fine. I have a secretid/secret-tuple and a tenant id. I added knpthings to the secretid/secret.

The request I send looks OK (see below), the reply is a 400 Bad Request with the body:


  "error_description":"Feature service does not exist anymore."

The request looks like (pardon the edited golang %v output) and seems fine to me:

POST https://auth.grip-on-it.com/v2/kn9jqcib/oidc/idp/c1/token HTTP/1.1 1 1
   Accept: application/json
   Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8


has this service been terminated? Is there another service to use? Or is the request wrong?

thanks in advance,

Joost Helberg

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It works now. I added a service to the API Key, but somehow the service wasnt added. One needs to click on some account-types before the added service is actually added. I thought adding the service was enough.


fine now!