iPhone X Bestellen 'ERROR' on line

  • 27 oktober 2017
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I have been getting this error whilst trying to order the new iPhone X

TypeError: this.logger is undefined

been busy since 9:00

4 reacties

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Hi @euroxander,

Welcome to our Forum!
If i understand you correctly you are trying to order the iPhone X, but while ordering you get an error, right?

Very disappointing off course! Luckily i can help you to place this order. Do you want to order the iPhone in combination with a renewal of your contract? Or do you want a new contract with the iPhone?

You can send me the information and contact details for the order through a private message.
Not very happy as I tried on all browsers from exactly 9:00 this morning... I watched the countdown and then ordered, also tried it multiple times and received 6 verification codes for the 6 times I tried, which excludes the retries on the last screen.

This was the error:
TypeError: this.logger is undefined

See attached

I really hope that my order which I then placed after waiting close to 20 minutes on hold for KPN Business support, will be delivered on the 3rd of November. That would be very much appreciated...

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Hi @euroxander,

Thank you for sending the private message!
I am going to check the order with my colleagues 😉

For the delivery of the device, we also depend on the supply provided by Apple.
Thanks Rick, much appreciated!