Refund taking +2 months

  • 26 November 2023
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It took me half a year to cancel the subscription after a KPN employee decided to extend a contract I asked to cancel over the phone and therefore made me pay for more months (activating my bank details without my consent). I was told that I would receive a refund by the director of customer care, Jörg Kramer first week of September. To my very big deception but no surprise, I have still not received my refund of 66.88€. I called and followed up in October and was told that it needed to pass the billing dates for it to succeed. We’re now the 26 of September and KPN is clearly just making fun of the situation as I’m still not getting paid. No one replies to my emails, lies about calling (as KPN supposedly can’t call a foreign number they’re supposed to email but instead customer service says they’ve tried to reach me but as I know they don’t call foreign numbers they’re actually not trying).


Please refund me immediately I want to be done with KPN. This has been a horrible situation, to cancel since May and still have this amount of issues is ridiculous. 


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Hello @Carolina Valero Collantes 

Welcome to the KPN Business Forum..
Im sorry to read that this is taking so long. Please update your forum profile by adding your Customer ID (Klantnummer). I need this information to search in our systems for the current status..
Please let me know when you have added this information to your profile, so i will be able to help you.