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  • 25 July 2017
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I am an international student and just spent the last year in the Netherlands with a prepaid KPN SIM card. However, I am now back home in Canada, and have returned to my old Canadian SIM, but I am still getting charged for my Dutch SIM. How do I terminate my prepaid contract with KPN?

Many thanks in advance.

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Hi Julia,

I suppose that you have a postpaid simcard (Prepaid doesn't come with a contract). Nonetheless, I have good news. It is possible to cancel costummer subscriptions whenever you emigrate to a non-eu country.

You simply have to send an e-mail to:

With the following information:
1: Costummer nummer
2: A proof that you have been "written-out" of the BRP (Basic Registration Persons) of the local dutch government.

Thank you Sjors! This information was very helpful.

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Hi @Julia Roach

Great to see that Sjors gave you the instructions about how to end the contract.

I trust that the contract will be cancelled through this route. If there are problems with the cancellation or if you have any other questions, you know where to find me! πŸ˜‰
Hi Rick,

Thanks for responding to my question. It turns out I haven't been getting any responses from the email address Sjors provided above, and I have emailed twice now. What should I do? Is there an international number I can call, or an email address that can lead me more directly to the right staff?

Thanks so much in advance.

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Hi Julia,

Sorry to hear that the mail hasn't been answered yet.

There is an international phone number, feel free to call this number (I hereby assume that its a private contract):
+31 6 1200 1200

Its recommended to say the dutch word "opzeggen" in the voice response system. Unfortunaly the whole voice response system is in dutch.

Here is a site with an example for the word:

This should connect you to the correct department.

The first question it gives is if it is about a mobile or a wired connection. In this case select wired (Option #2).
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Hi @Julia Roach,

I am very sorry for my late reaction!
From 04-08 untill today I was on vacation and enjoying the sun 😎

I think (and hope) that the cancellation of the mobile contract is finished, right?

Off course I am still available to help if there are any problems. So if you need me, please let me know πŸ˜‰