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  • 16 June 2017
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[mod-note]Because you've shared some private information - e-mail and phonenumber - I moderated your posts.

Please have someone contact me to set up a new Business Account in the Netherlands for my company, DTN. I can be reached at [*moderated*] or [*moderated*]

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Hello @tgosson, welcome to the KPN Business Forum! :)

Unfortunately, I'm not able to call international phonenumbers. As you have contacted us due our forums, maybe I can assist you here? What kind of Business Account are you looking for? Do you already a customer? Do you have any KPN supscription? Please let me know what you're looking for so I can give you advice.
I am looking for a way to enter into a Business-to-Business contract with KPN. So, I would need to have Terms and Conditions of your company for this type of account, as well as pricing for various plans, and any business discounts that may be associated with those plans. I am not looking to set anyone up on a plan just yet, as I will do that all at once. When we do get to that point, we will have 13 subscribers. Hope all this helps. I know you like this business forum, but is there a way we can communicate via email? I can be reached at tricia.gosson@dtn.com.
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Hi @tgosson, for sure we can help you get more information about new subscriptions. I understand you're completely new to KPN as a customer. Are you only looking for multiple mobile subscriptions or are you also looking for telephone lines and/or internet connections? Do you already have the type of subscriptions in mind? I can get you in touch with one of our sales specialists.
I am looking for various mobile subscriptions, both local and international plans, and cell phone options. I would like to be able to shop independently on your portal, if that is possible. I do not need Land lines or internet connections at this time. Is it possible for you to send me a list of your current plans, or would it be easier to offer all of them, at a set discounted rate?
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Hi tgossen,

Thanks for the clarification!

Can you tell me how many mobile subscriptions we are talking about?

This allows me to determine how i can help you in the best en most efficient way. To give an overview of the possible subscriptions you can take a look at this page.
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Hi tgossen.

To translate a few things on that page:
- bellen means calling (Its the minutes you have).
- Onbeperkt means unlimited.
I am looking at approximately 13 in the Netherlands. I can't imagine there would be much of a business discount with that few subscribers, but anything you can provide would be great. Thank you for providing me with the link to the page for some of the plan subscriptions. Do you have a word doc or pdf I can review of what our rates would be, and what the descriptions of the plans are?
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Goodmorning tgossen,

Thanks for your answer!
I don't understand what you mean with your question if i have a Word or PDF doc of what your rates would be. The subscriptions you see on the page i send you are the various possibilities. I think you should decide what kind of bundles you need for calling (for example: unlimited or 150 minutes per month) and for internet (for example: 10 GB or 1 GB a month).

Do you have any idea what kind of bundles you and you're colleagues need/want?

With these kind of subscriptions you can also share the internet bundles. So if you have 13 subscriptions with 10 GB internet bundles per month per subscription, than you have a total internet bundle of 130 GB internet a month. This way, the internet bundle can be shared. One employee can use more internet than the other one. Do you understand what i mean?
Yes, I understand. Thank you. The current standard plan I have with Verizon is a Flexible Business Smartphone Voice/Data Share Plan Unlimited Talk, Text and 2GB of Cell phone Data. Do you have something similar to that?
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Hi tgossen,

Did you take a look on the page with the different kind of subscriptions i send you?

I think there are two subscriptions that can match your needs. But i also think that it depends on the actual consumption (especially for Cell Phone data). Is 2 GB Cell Phone data per month enough or are you using more GB's?

The first subscription i want explain to you is 'Zakelijk Mobiel Onbeperkt'. With this subscription you can call unlimited and you get 10 GB Cell Phone data per month. The basic costs per month are € 35,-. These are the costs if you want this as a Sim Only subscription. If you also want to order new cell phones you can decide how to pay for the cell Phone, by paying an amount monthly (on top of the basis costs) or by paying the whole amount directly. On this page you can check out the cell phones we can order for you.

The second subscription is 'Zakelijk Mobiel Bundel XL'. With this subscription you can also call unlimited and you get 1 GB Cell Phone data per month. The basic costs per month are € 25,-. These are the costs if you want this as a Sim Only subscription. As you will notice, this subscription has a smaller Cell Phone data bundle. This subscription is an option if you know that the consumption of Cell Phone data will be decreased.

I advise you to take a look at the Cell phones we can order. If you let me know what kind of cell phones you want, i can make a calculation of the total costs (including the cell phones).
GREAT! Thanks for all the information! It sounds like we can get similar plans to what we have today here in the US. Do you happen to have a contract you can send me so we can get a business-to-business "relationship" in place? Basically, I need an agreement in place that explains Terms and Conditions of being a Business Customer of KPN.
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Hi tgossen,

Your welcome! 😀

I don't have a paper contract which i can send to you. You can give me a digital agreement to place the order with the subscriptions. When i've placed the order you will receive an official confirmation with the Terms and Conditions for the contracts. Then we deliver the phones and subsciptions and once you have paid the first invoice you give us your agreement for the contracts.

Luckily, you can find our general Term en Conditions for these subscriptions on this page😉 Is this what you mean and need?
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This is the most important document:

@Forum Team is it an idea to make a specific page for the english terms and conditions with the English document names? That might be easier.

(The general conditions). Everything with "ENG" behind it is the english version.
Hello Team. Is there any way to get the list of plans and phone options in a printable document? I can pull them all up on the portal, but cannot print the document in a printer-friendly format.
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Hi tgossen,

Unfortunately there is no standard document with the list of the plans and phone options.
If you want a document with an overview of the plans and phones, I recommend you to create website printscreens and paste them into a Word file. The Word file can then be printed.

Is this an alternative solution?
Hi Rick - I have a couple more questions:
Can I buy the phones outright, or do I need to lease them?
How do I set up a business account? Can that happen on line, or do I need to do that through a Sales Rep?
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You can set up the account online by purchasing KPN-Een subscription or though a sales representative. In your case I would do it though a sale representative because of the language barrier.
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Hi Tricia,

All your questions are welcome! 😉
When you are purchasing the phones you can choose how to pay for the phones.
For example, you can choose to pay the phones at one time. Another option is to pay an amount per month for the phones.

If you would like to order the subscriptions, I can make sure that one of the sales representatives contact you by telephone. Is that okay?
I know it has been a while, but yes, please have a sales representative contact me. I do not need to buy phones, I just need to establish an account for DTN, LLC and have 13 lines transferred from Schneider Electric, Inc to DNT, LLC. Also, I will need someone who can speak/communicate in English. Thanks so much!!!
The person I was communicating with before was Rick S, but if someone else can answer my questions, I would greatly appreciate it. Please advise as soon as possible. Thank you very much.
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Hi Tricia, our collegue Rick is enjoying his holliday as we speak. So I'm sorry, he can't respond right now.
Unfortunatly I was not able to find your details. Do you have some questions remaining? If you want, you can note them down here.

If I understand this correctly, our sales representative called you on the phone but wasn't able to speak English, right? Did he or she made an appointment with to you let you call back by English speaking person?

Can you sent me a private message with your details? If you also had a private conversation with Rick, please sent me a copy too. Thanks!
Hi Tim, thank you for responding! Rick did not reach out to me via telephone. I reached out to KPN and could not find anyone who spoke English. No one has scheduled a meeting for me to speak with someone either. That would be GREAT if I could speak with someone on the phone! Some of the questions I have include: How do I set up an account for my company, Telvent Netherlands BV? What kind of information do you need to set up the account? We have 13 users that need to be transferred from Schneider Electric to Telvent. How do I navigate the portal? Can someone train me on that? How do I set up myself and 2 other individuals on the portal to be Administrators? Can you take payment via Invoice/Purchase Order, and we will wire transfer the money? Thank you so much and I hope you are having a great day!!!
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Hi @tgosson,

I'm not a KPN employee but I am an administrator at a large business that has multiple KPN services. I guess that you will be pleasantly surprised that the portal that is available is available in English (At least the one we use is). Its also possible to set up multiple administrative users (The initial administrator is usually set up at KPN after becoming a costumer) :)

In my experience the portal and most basic tasks explains themselves, and there is always a service desk that can answer questions (Which is available 24/hours a day).

Did you know that 90+% of the dutch citizens are proficient in English? The fact that you reached someone that wasn't able to communicate in English was unfortunately a matter of bad luck

I'm sure that Tim will be able to schedule a callback request from the sales department with you.
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How do I set up an account for my company, Telvent Netherlands BV?
- It depends on the type of subscriptions. The variant @SjorsK is talking about, will be made available for you by us. For our "normal type" of subscriptions, you can create an administration account on our website by yourself.

What kind of information do you need to set up the account? We have 13 users that need to be transferred from Schneider Electric to Telvent. How do I navigate the portal? Can someone train me on that?
How do I set up myself and 2 other individuals on the portal to be Administrators?
- As explained in my above answer, this depends on the type of supscriptions. When we talk about a huge number of subscriptions and large businesses, you'll get a contract at KPN Corporate. One of our Account managers will help you set up things. For small accounts, this is not really needed as the service portal is meant to be easy in use.

Can you take payment via Invoice/Purchase Order, and we will wire transfer the money?
- For our mobile supscriptions, its only possible to pay with a dutch bank account. Is that a problem?

Could you sent me a private message with your contact details?
If at all possible, I would still like to talk through our options with someone. My contact information is as follows: ********* or *********. Please let me know if you need anything else in order to have someone contact me. Thank you so much for your time and attention to this.